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Engine Repair

Turn the key and your engine fires up smoothly. You want your engine to keep working like that forever. Unfortunately, there’s a possibility your car will need an engine repair at some point in its lifecycle. Minor running issues to major internal mechanical problems can often be prevented with routine maintenance. Did you know that Point S also does engine repairs? When an engine repair is necessary, give us a call.

What Engine Repairs Look Like

Decades ago, it was considered routine maintenance to rebuild your car’s engine every few years, like a tune-up. Those days are long gone, luckily, and engines are much more reliable. Tighter tolerances and better manufacturing practices make engines more efficient and dependable, but problems can still happen.

Engine repairs on today’s cars range widely. It may be a wiring or electrical issue that prevents your import car from starting. A broken timing belt can cause your domestic SUV to suddenly stop running. Or, you might still experience the same age-old symptoms (is that tailpipe smoke?) to indicate that you need an engine overhaul or replacement.

The Right Team for the Job

Whatever make you drive – Lexus, Dodge, GMC, Honda, BMW, or otherwise, the expert mechanics at Wendell Tire Point S will look after you. Years of hands-on experience, professional diagnostic equipment, and a fully equipped engine repair facility are a few of the reasons to choose Point S.

We perform an array of engine repairs including:

  • Engine electrical diagnosis and repair
  • Emissions repairs
  • Fuel system diagnosis and repair
  • Engine overhauls
  • Engine replacement
  • Performance upgrades
  • And more

But it’s more than just fixing your engine. We truly care for you, our customer. We strive to help you understand what has caused the problem to help prevent it from happening again. We take great pride in offering complete customer care.

Quality Parts for Lasting Repairs

Engine repairs are expensive and time-consuming, which is why you want them to last. No matter how big or small your engine repair is, Wendell Tire Point S uses quality parts and fluids to get you up and running.


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