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24/7 Roadside Service

Hope for the best but prepare for the worst. When car problems happen, you want someone who is available anytime, night or day, to help you out. Roadside Service with Wendell Tire Point S is here for you whenever you need. So, carry on driving, knowing that when trouble strikes, you can turn to our Roadside Service experts.

Here for You When You Need

As a driver, you aren’t prepared for every circumstance. At any time, you could get a flat tire, spring a surprise oil leak, experience a debilitating engine problem, or just run out of fuel unexpectedly. It’s frustrating, takes up valuable time, and frankly, it’s embarrassing.

When the unexpected happens, you need someone you can trust to help. With a simple call to Roadside Service through Wendell Tire Point S, you can be back on the road quickly. On your way to the office, picking up the kids from school, heading home from a late-night movie, or simply passing through town – our Roadside Service is always just a phone call away.

Professional Assistance

Missing your lug nut wrench, or the lug nuts too tight to remove at the side of the road? Lose your power steering when your serpentine belt snapped? Car not drivable after a fender bender?

Whether it’s an accident or a mishap that’s sidelined your car, or it’s a simple roadside repair you need, you’ll get it with Point S. Our Roadside Service team has the skills and expertise you need with a fast response time.

In some situations, our highly-skilled experts will get you back on the road right away with a battery boost, a roadside tire change, delivering fuel, or a simple repair. And if your vehicle can’t be restored to working condition on the roadside, your vehicle can be towed to our shop for a swift and accurate repair.


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