Gills Point S Tire & Auto - Vaughn is Independently owned and operated

At Gills Point S Tire & Auto - Vaughn we know what products, tires, oil, parts and safety equipment work well in Vaughn, whether it is country roads, freeways, or in town driving. We know because we live, play and work in Vaughn too! We are experts in tires of course, but we are also experts in taking care of your vehicle.

Gills Point S Tire & Auto - Vaughn Is Your Local Tire & Auto Service Expert

Gills Point S Tire & Auto - Vaughn is your trustworthy local tire and automotive repair experts. Because each Point S location is also an independent tire store, it’s owned and operated by someone who lives where you live, who cares about giving you the best service, and who makes sure you get the right tire at the right price.

Member Owned Coop

Point S is locally owned, but we are partners with over 250 independent tire stores representing more than 28 states and growing. This gives us the national presence we need to compete with the big box stores and mass online merchants. With over 40 years of working together, we can provide the peace of mind you need that will take care of you now and in the future wherever you are.

Point S Tires & Auto Services

Industry Best Tire Promise & Warranty

Your safety and comfort on the road are the top priority at every Point S store. With our Promise Plus Warranty protection, you get the best of both worlds: Quality you expect, backed by 250 local tire and automotive store owners, at the low prices you want. Visit your local retail Point S store today and find out why there is No Stress with Point S

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Protect Your Investment

Purchasing a warranty option for your tires offers invaluable peace of mind. It means that you're safeguarding your investment against unexpected damage, wear, or manufacturer defects that might occur during the tire's lifespan. With a tire warranty, you can often get replacements or repairs at little to no extra cost, saving you money in the long run. It's a smart way to ensure that you're driving on reliable, high-quality tires without worrying about unforeseen expenses should issues arise.




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We can protect your tire investment from unseen damage.
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