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Transmission Service

Your vehicle’s transmission is perhaps the most complex system of them all, and it’s costly to repair. You want your transmission to last as long as your vehicle, and the best way to do that is with routine maintenance. A transmission service may not be the most frequent maintenance item you need, but it’s one of the most important. At Point S, our certified mechanics can keep your vehicle in good health with complete maintenance, including your transmission service.

Why is a Transmission Service Important?

Like your engine, the transmission uses a lubricant to prevent excessive wear, friction, and overheating inside. But the fluid is even more integral to your transmission’s operation. It serves as hydraulic fluid, channeled throughout the valve body and transmission case to control its shifting.

Keeping transmission fluid clean and in good condition is crucial to ensuring your transmission lasts a long time. No matter what type of vehicle you drive – a high-performance car, a tired commuter, a hardworking pickup, or a family SUV or van – transmission services should be performed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Top Quality Parts and Fluids

Why take chances on such an important system with low-budget parts and fluids? At Todd's Point S, your transmission service is always performed using OEM or high-quality aftermarket filters and seals. The fluid used is always the exact type specified by the manufacturer, so your transmission will stay healthy until the next service is due.

If it’s too late for maintenance to help your transmission and a repair is inevitable, we can take care of that too. Whether it’s a transmission rebuild or replacement that you require, our certified technicians will restore your transmission performance so you can get back to your life.

Expert Customer Care

At Point S, we take great pride in each of our customers and strive to provide the very best service you can expect. One way we do that is by thoroughly explain every recommendation we make. Whether it’s routine maintenance or complex vehicle repairs, choose Todd's Point S for expert customer care.


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