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Tire Chains

There’s no better way to stay safe than to be prepared for the unexpected. Driving through snowy and icy conditions can be dangerous, and tire chains are a fantastic option to maintain traction with the road. Whether you drive a passenger vehicle, a highway tractor, or a commercial vehicle, Todd's Point S has tire chains that will fit your ride perfectly.

Why Have Tire Chains?

In just a few minutes, winter roads can change from dry and clear to snow-covered and icy. Tire chains are the ideal addition to your tires to enhance your traction in treacherous weather, making sure you get to your destination safe and sound. In extreme winter conditions, it’s a bonus on top of your winter tires.

Whether you choose cable tire chains, square link alloy chains, V-bar chains, or carbon steel diagonal chains, you’ll find your vehicle is more sure-footed than ever. Tire chains install in just minutes. In some areas, it’s mandatory to have tire chains in your vehicle, at the very least.

Your Tire Accessory Professionals

At Point S, our team of tire professionals has the knowledge and expertise you want. Not only can we provide you tires for your vehicle to maximize your winter traction, but our experts will match your car with tire chains for added security in wintery weather.

It’s unlikely we’ll be with you when you need to install your tire chains, but we’ll prepare you in advance. Our tire professionals will demonstrate how to install your tire chains, should you require, and will answer any questions you might have.

The Right Tire Chains for Your Vehicle

Whether it’s Cobra Cables from Quality Chain for your Chevrolet car, Peerless AutoTrac tire chains for your Toyota pickup truck, or TRYGG tire chains for your commercial equipment, Todd's Point S is your source. Regardless of the vehicle you drive, we can supply tire chains that fit your vehicle precisely.

At Point S, we take great pride in providing the highest level of customer satisfaction possible. If there’s anything we can do to make your visit better, please let us know.

Need more information on tire chains for your vehicle? Visit Todd's Point S online, in person, or by phone to talk to one of our tire professionals.


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