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Custom Wheels

You love your car or truck, and you want it to show. What better way to make your vehicle stand out in a crowd than to customize it with new wheels? Custom wheels are a finishing touch that demonstrates your pride in your vehicle. Let Todd's Point S help you find the perfect set of custom wheels at a great price.

Why Choose Custom Wheels?

Modern cars and trucks have good-quality aluminum wheels or steel wheels and wheel covers from the factory. While they’re functional, they certainly aren’t reflective of your personality or your vehicle’s attitude.

Custom wheels are the perfect option to personalize your vehicle. Upsize the wheels for your Dodge Challenger. Find custom wheels with a mirror chrome finish. Get that retro look with custom wheels for your hot rod or muscle car. Whatever look you want to achieve, custom wheels will help get you there.

Choose from all the popular brands on the market today: US Wheel, Vision, Enkei, American Racing, Primax, Konig, and so much more. Let Todd's Point S know what you’re looking for and we’ll find it for you!

The Right Tires for Your Custom Wheels

Of course, making your custom wheels functional requires the right tire for your needs. Our professional team will advise you on the right tire to fit your budget, performance requirements, and your vehicle. Choose from brands such as Nokian, Goodyear, Hankook, Falken, Michelin, and many others.

Professional Sales and Installation

At Point S, our focus is on your complete satisfaction. Our tire professionals listen to what your needs are and help you find the perfect solution at the right price.

Once you’ve selected your new custom wheels and tires, the tires are mounted on the rims using precision equipment, balanced using computerized wheel balancing machines, and fitted to your vehicle. To be “true,” wheels and tires must be balanced so that weight is distributed evenly and all vibrations and wobbles eliminated. This requires removing all tires and inspecting for unusual wear or damage. The tires are then balanced on the proper balancing equipment and reinstalled, with the wheels torqued to the proper value. Clamp-on or stick-on weights may be used depending on the rim or wheel type.

As with all tire sales at Point S, you’ll receive free flat repairs, free tire rotations, free tire inspections and pressure checks. Your satisfaction is our commitment.


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