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Point S Tire takes care of all tire rotation needs

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Why Tire Rotation is Important

Did you know that rotating your tires is the easiest way to extend the life of your tires? Rotating your tires on a regular basis helps maintain even tread wear which improves drivability and enhances your safety.

Ever wonder why tire manufacturers require regular tire rotation to maintain their warranty? Whether your vehicle has front-, rear-, all- or four-wheel drive, the weight and workload is unevenly distributed among the four wheels, with the front tires bearing the biggest burden due to steering and additional weight. Uneven wear between tires can cause your vehicle to vibrate at higher speeds and may result in early tire failure, requiring you to replace the tires more frequently than you might if you had rotated them regularly. By spreading the wear evenly across all four tires their tread life is maximized.

Expert Services and Advice

Tire rotations are commonly done when you get your oil changed. When our experts rotate your vehicle’s tires, they inspect each tire for damage and assess the need for appropriate tire services like wheel alignment (to make sure wheels are pointed in the right direction) and tire balancing (to eliminate any vibrations).

Point S Tire takes care of all tire rotation needs

At Point S Tire, we understand each vehicle's optimal tire rotation pattern based on your vehicle and type of tires. Our expert technicians reposition your vehicle’s tires in specific patterns from front to back or side to side to extend not only your tires, but your vehicle's life, enhancing drivability, and making your vehicle more fuel efficient.

Tire Rotation FAQs

An ideal time to rotate your vehicle’s tires is when you have the oil changed or every 5,000 miles.

Tire rotation repositions your vehicle’s tires in specific patterns from front to back or side to side to extend the life of the tires. Tire balancing attaches the tire to a machine that rotates it at high speeds to assess the weight distribution across the tire's radius. Technicians adjust the weight distribution where needed to make sure the wheels and tires are capable of spinning without causing any vibrations.

Tire rotation does not affect wheel alignment. However, if you are experiencing a vibration when you drive, balancing your tires may resolve this issue. Our qualified technicians can provide a thorough diagnosis and recommendation.

Yes, all tires should be rotated. Based on their location on your vehicle, tires will wear out differently. Regularly rotating your tires will result in more even treadwear and will extend the life of your tires.

Tire rotation does not affect wheel alignment. It is not necessary for tires to be aligned after rotation, but it is recommended that you have wheel alignment service performed every other tire rotation service. Tires should be rotated every 5,000 miles or every time you have your vehicle’s oil changed. A wheel alignment service should be performed once a year.



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Purchasing a warranty option for your tires offers invaluable peace of mind. It means that you're safeguarding your investment against unexpected damage, wear, or manufacturer defects that might occur during the tire's lifespan. With a tire warranty, you can often get replacements or repairs at little to no extra cost, saving you money in the long run. It's a smart way to ensure that you're driving on reliable, high-quality tires without worrying about unforeseen expenses should issues arise.




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