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10512 Southeast Mill Plain Boulevard. Vancouver, WA 98664| (360) 256-0440

Richey's Point S takes care of all brake service needs

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Why Brakes Need Attention

If your brakes are soft, squishy or your brake pedal is pulsating, this is scary, and very unsafe! Noisy brakes can be embarrassing too. Let our professionals at Richey's Point S diagnose the cause and make the right recommendation so you can be confident in your vehicle’s braking power right away.

All vehicles have brakes that are designed to wear down with usage. Brake pads and shoes are made of friction material, which is softer than the brake rotors or drums that they press against. Over time, thousands of miles, and countless stops, the friction material wears away and needs to be replaced. By having your brakes checked routinely by our experts at Richey's Point S you can avoid an unsafe braking situation and prevent additional costly repairs.

Expert Service and Advice

When it comes to brakes at Richey's Point S, your safety is our top priority. That is why you will receive high-quality parts for all brake repairs, without question. Should you need a replacement brake caliper, a routine brake fluid change, brakes for your high-mileage car, or brake pads and rotors for your high-performance vehicle, we take care of it all.

Richey's Point S takes care of all brake service needs

There is more to brake repair than brake pad replacement. Brake rotors and drums may become warped and cause a vibration. Brake hoses and lines could become damaged resulting in a leak. Your car’s ABS (Anti-Lock Brake System) light might come on, indicating a serious concern for safe driving. Whether you have one of these symptoms or any other concern about your car’s braking ability, Richey's Point S is the first choice for all your brake services.

Brake Service FAQs

Squeaky brakes do not always mean your pads need to be replaced. A metal-on-metal grinding is more worrisome than an annoying squeaking. It may be difficult for you to differentiate between the two. Our expert technicians will identify the source of the issue and provide a resolution to the problem. 

Some issues may include: 

  • Foreign material inhibiting your pad's friction material 
  • Worn or damaged hardware 
  • Moisture accumulation 
  • Lack of lubrication to the backing plate 
  • The pad itself may be the cause of squeaking

Every six months or whenever you notice poor braking performance. ​

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