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Air Conditioning Service

Why is Servicing Your Car’s Air Conditioner Important?

Your car’s AC system removes moisture from the air inside the cabin. It makes you much more comfortable as you drive. And when the weather is humid or freezing, the same function removes moisture to clear your foggy or frosty windows and keep them clear.

Did you know that air conditioning isn’t just for the summer, and it’s important for safe driving? It’s true – your car’s air conditioning is used year-round, and it serves a purpose that might be even more crucial than cold air as it clears your windows.

Air Conditioning is More than Just Cold Air

Your vehicle’s air conditioning system can develop a small or large leak from hoses, seals, or a major component like the compressor, condenser, or evaporator. And even if there isn’t a leak, it’s normal for your car’s AC to lose up to 5 percent effectiveness every year.

At Gills Point S Tire & Auto - Raleigh Hills, our experts are standing by to help you.

At Gills Point S Tire & Auto - Raleigh Hills in Portland, OR 97221, we understand how your car’s air conditioning works. And when it’s not working like it should, our expert mechanics are able to restore it back to full operation.

Air Conditioning Repairs and Beyond

At some point, your vehicle will need air conditioning repairs and service. Gills Point S Tire & Auto - Raleigh Hills has the trained and certified mechanics to perform your air conditioning repairs to restore full cooling power. Whether it’s a refrigerant recharge on your Toyota, a seal replacement on your Ford’s AC hoses, or AC diagnosis and compressor replacement on your Chevrolet, we do it all.

When you choose Gills Point S Tire & Auto - Raleigh Hills in Portland, OR 97221 for your air conditioning repairs, you can trust that it’s accurate and long-lasting.



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