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Belts & Hoses

Timing belts, serpentine belts, radiator hoses, all available at a Point S in Grand Junction, CO

If you've noticed a squeaking sound while your car is running, especially while you accelerate than you may need a new belt. The smell of anti-freeze or the sight of it on the ground might mean you need to replace a damaged radiator hose. Bring your car, truck, SUV, or mini-van into Point S in Grand Junction, CO today and we'll give you a hand with that.

Point S is your local tire expert, and we also perform full-service car repairs and maintenance that includes belts and hoses. Regular inspections and servicing can help you avoid frustrating and expensive vehicle problems due to a broken belt or leaking hose. To keep your car running as smoothly and reliably as possible, choose our team of experts for belt and hose replacement.

What Belts and Hoses Do

Virtually all of your vehicle’s functions depend on belts and hoses in some way. Your cooling system hoses help carry away hot coolant away from the engine to the radiator and heater core, keeping your engine running at its optimal temperature. The serpentine drive belt keeps your air conditioning compressor cycling, your power steering working, and your battery charging. What’s more, many engines have a timing belt to keep the cylinder head’s and engine block’s components working in perfect harmony.

Because belts and hoses are manufactured from natural and synthetic rubber, they deteriorate over time, and wear with use. Belts may develop leaks or collapse, leading to a dangerous overheating condition. If a belt slips or breaks, it will affect how well your car operates – if at all! Regular checks are important, and timely replacement can prevent problems before they happen.

The Right Parts for Your Car

At Pro Tire & Alignment Point S, you can be assured that every repair is of the utmost quality. You don’t want to keep coming back for the same repair time and time again, so we use only belts and hoses that are the right fit for your vehicle and meet or exceed Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) standards.

Expert Mechanics for All Repairs

Whether you need an air conditioning belt replaced, a radiator hose changed, or your timing belt replaced as part of your scheduled maintenance, you can trust Point S. Our certified mechanics are trained on a wide range of makes and models, domestic and import.

We’re committed to our customers and their vehicles, so every visit for belts and hoses receives a complimentary vehicle inspection. Whether a simple fix or a complex diagnosis, you can trust Pro Tire & Alignment Point S for expert vehicle care at a competitive price.