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I recently had a driver's biggest headache, my car went nuts then turned into what I can only describe as a spastic mule! It started shaking and shuddering when the check engine light starting flashing (I thought of the robot on "Lost In Space") then refused to go over 10 mph. Needless to say, that drive was over. I had the car towed back almost 60 miles to Tim's shop because I didn't know what demon possessed it, but I trusted him to banish it, and he did! Turned out it was just car stuff, a coil and bad spark plugs (really???)😁 Tim always does great work, with reasonable prices and his staff is awesome!!

Just had another very successful visit to Tier Factory in Gold Beach. LOF was due but while servicing another issue was detected and corrected. I am so thankful for Tim and crew detecting early warning signs thus avoiding problems while on the road. Tim's is the Baumann Family Vehicle's Hospital. Grandson Tyler and wife Adi just dropped of their truck to have work done. They live in Bend!! Thank you Tim and crew for taking care of us. Sparkie Baumann

You could not ask for better reception and service.

this is a followup to a previous one star review. keys were located and returned to us. the service work they did was perfect and we are happy with the service and company, and will recommend to anyone to use them; and we plan on using this company in the future. previous review was done in the heat of the moment and we apologize for any misunderstanding. this is a GREAT company with GREAT employees who do GREAT service!

My low tire warning light was on and I stopped by to have it checked. A few minutes later it was ready to go - no charge. I also was given an explanation that made sense. WHEW!!! I appreciate their helpfulness, honesty and they always have a sense of humor to throw in with it all Thank you MB, Gold Beach

Although the owner of Precision Performance is my brother, I can honestly say that his business is the best automotive business that I have visited. My brother is honest, intelligent, hard working, and efficient.

We called and went in on a Friday afternoon after 4:00 with our Rialta RV. Tim Harding did an analysis on the motor immediately and at a very fair price, more than fair acturally. He told us what was wrong and since we were travelling north, he put us in touch with a shop in Coos Bay who was able to get the parts and install them on Monday morning. Great service, knowledgeable, and great price.

To Whom it may concern,Hi, I'd like to state that the Nokian 80,000 Mile All season radials are the best in all conditions tires, that I have ever owned over the last 40 years of driving. I have read numerous blogs on these tires, and they are all excellent. I like the reference to how they stick like Velcro on wet pavement. They do, and have numerous times very efficiently, and I have driven in all conditions since I purchased them November of 2010. I originally had planned to purchase Michelins or Pirelli’s, for my Classic 1987 Saab 900s. But When I went to Discount Tires that day to have them installed, they just had way too many people there and attitude to match. So, I told them that I would take my business elsewhere, and I did to Tire Factory. I usually do not do things on a whim, when I had previously researched what type of tires in this case that I was going to put on my car. But I spoke to a salesman that day about how he could set me up with the type and style of tires that I