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Walker Tire Point S - Pioneer

The Point S Tire Group

Point S Tire is a group of independent tire dealers who have joined together to create one of the West’s fastest growing tire retail organizations. Through these united efforts, we’re able to stock the tires you need at the prices you want, and create opportunities for small retail tire stores to be successful. Walker Point S Tire & Service has been apart of the Point S Tire group since 2018 bringing quality tire and automotive services to the Lincoln Nebraska area.

Top Tire Brands, Low Tire Prices

At Walker Point S Tire & Service, you will always find the top brand tires your vehicle’s manufacturer recommends at competitive prices. That’s because group-buying power allows each Point S Tire store, including Walker Point S Tire & Service in Lincoln Nebraska, to reduce purchasing and distribution costs, and then pass those savings on to our customers looking for tires in Lincoln, NE. You can get Goodyear, Kelly, Dunlop, Nokian, Hankook, Falken, Yokohama and Toyo—all the big names that the largest national tire chains carry—at prices just as low or even lower.

Independently owned and operated

Think of your Walker Point S Tire & Service as the your local tire expert. Walker Point S Tire & Service is an independent tire store, it’s owned and operated by Nick Vuko, a local resident of Lincoln Nebraska, someone who cares about giving you the best service, and who makes sure you get the right tires at the right price.

Trust What You Love to Point S Tire

At Walker Point S Tire & Service we consider your safety and comfort on the road as our top priority. Our warranties, protection, and service go beyond what the large national chains can provide. You get the best of both worlds: Quality tires you expect, plus low prices on the tires you want. Come visit Walker Point S Tire & Service today and find out why you can Trust What You Love to Walker Point S Tire & Service.

Convenient locations

Point S Tire has over 200 locations in 14 states including 2 right here in Lincoln, Nebraska in 1 in Wahoo, NE. Find a location near you!