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Need to book a visit for safety inspection? Schedule your next visit with Gills Point S Tire & Auto - Lewistown below.

Safety Inspection

There’s comfort knowing your vehicle is safe to drive. Nothing gives the same peace of mind like a safety inspection that gives reassurance your car is in great condition and identifies areas of concern. Whether you’re leaving on a road trip or simply want to know how your car is doing, a safety inspection by a certified mechanic at Gills Point S Tire & Auto - Lewistown will do the trick.

How a Safety Inspection Helps

Your car may feel like it’s driving fine, or you might be concerned about that rattle, knock, or pull when you’re behind the wheel. It might be nothing at all, or it could be a serious safety concern. There’s only one way to know if your vehicle is safe to operate, and that’s with a safety inspection.

Tire tread and inflation, steering and suspension components, brake thickness and condition, fluid levels, lights and indicators, and more – a safety inspection looks at all the components in your vehicle that can affect its roadworthiness. It’s a great idea to have a safety inspection performed at least once a year, especially if your vehicle is off warranty.

Trust Our Certified Mechanics

At Gills Point S Tire & Auto - Lewistown, our certified mechanics will perform a comprehensive vehicle safety inspection. We know you’re relying on us to keep you and your family safe on the road, and we’re going to do just that. Using industry standards and in-depth knowledge of your vehicle, our mechanics will identify anything that could pose a problem today, and items that will need attention in the future too.

Knowledgeable Service

It’s not just about ensuring your car is in good condition. Our team at Gills Point S Tire & Auto - Lewistown cares about every one of our customers and strives to provide the service you want and expect.

If there’s a problem found on your safety inspection, we’ll let you know in detail, explain your options to address it, and answer any questions you have about your vehicle’s condition. It’s with this honesty and transparency that Point S shows our commitment to exceptional customer service.

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