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My car was stuck in the snow for a week and I called around and no one would help. But Dean stopped by my house and took awhile and he shoveled and finally pulled my car out. He followed me to their shop and they were all so friendly and put nice tires on and followed up with me to make sure I didn't get stuck again. I have never come across such amazing family oriented people before. They don't just offer great products and service but they help you like you're family. I'll never go anywhere else forever! Thank you guys for helping me and taking care of me!

Honest,fair & down to earth great people

Best tire store ever! The staff is amazing and honest. I am so glad I decided to stop by! I won't ever go anywhere else!

This is the only place to go for tires. Dean was very helpful in helping me select tires he suggested the Nokia Entire. I am so glad I listened to him, these tires are the best for driving on snow and ice. They have already proved their worth, day before yesterday the person driving in front of me stopped short. With my old tires even when they were new I would have slipped and slid. The Eyre held its grip no slipping and sliding. Dean was friendly and professional. The waiting area is very clean and comfortable as is the counter area. My brakes were making horrid noises, Dean investigated and found a rock lodged between the pad and rotor again excellent customer service. Tire Factory is the only place I will do business with from tires to oil changes.

Love Jerry Noble Tire factory!Great customer service. Quality products!

We have been taking our vehicles to Jerry Noble Tire Factory in Great Falls for years. Dean and his qualified staff are always more than willing to help and keep customers safe on the road. They are professional and personable in their customer contacts. Prices are always fair and competitive with no hidden fees. We wouldn't consider going anywhere else but to the Tire Factory for service and purchasing tires! THANKS, DEAN, CHUCK AND CREW!

The Tire Factory has been nothing but awesome in regards to taking care of all our car/truck tire needs. Even when i have had an almost flat tire, they stopped at my home and filled it with with air, so i could get to the shop to get it fixed. They have even gone so far as to stop and pick my car up....take it to get fixed and return it to me....no extra charge. Most of the time no charge at all. I have referred a number of my children's friends to them, because i know that they will be well taken care of...and not taken advantage of. A large number of my friends use their services!! A huge thank you to them!!

The knowledge and expertise of the staff at Jerry Noble Tire Factory is very impressive. They have helped outfit our 4 trucks with the RIGHT TIRE

I have been doing business with Jerry Noble Tire Factory for nearly 30 years. Over the years my entire family and most of my friends have become loyal customer as well. None of us have ever had anything except superior service from them. They have the best prices in town and have never steered any of us wrong. I wouldn't think of shopping anywhere else. You always know you're getting a fair deal with them. JH

Best tire shop in Great Falls ! Fantastic service and wonderful staff !

Jerry Noble Tire Factory has always been friendly and professional. The office is clean and the waiting area is very comfortable. It is a great place to do business.

Last summer I had a slow leak in my right front tire and brought my Subaru into Tire Factory. They quickly found the culprit (a nail) and patched my tire inexpensively. When winter arrived I needed new tires and was so pleased with the prior service, that I returned. Not only do I have the very best tires to get up to the ski hill and around the state on icy/snowy Montana roads, I have never been treated so well by a tire shop! Kudos to your customer service, knowledge and skill Tire Factory!

Jerry Noble Tire Factory has excellent service and quality products, but most of all, I think they are fair and honest.

As a business Manager I highly recommend the tire factory for any business .. they get our vehicles in and out very promptly and if there is more that needs to be done I always get a call recommending that is be fixed .. Never any hidden cost or surprises .. They go out of their way to take care of us be it a ride or use of their own car.. On a personal note. I wouldn't go anywhere else for my vehicle up keep. be it oil changes or tires ect. Dean Chuck and crew go out of their way to make sure all is good.. Thanks for being an outstanding fair business.. Larry Kelly .Western Ranch Supply.

I've been coming here since I moved to Great Falls 9 1/2 years ago. The service is always great. I'm in & out in a timely manner and they always stand behind their products and their work. I send friends there all the time when they are looking for new tires, just want to have the ones they have checked out or need an oil change etc. They do it all & I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Love this place! Not only do they provide the best service in town, but I don't leave there feeling like I need a shower! The place is immaculate. They offer a full range of products within my budget, and their salesmen and servicemen have the knowledge to follow through with the promises they give. As far as I'm concerned, this is the only option for my car in Great Falls!

Ive been going to Jerry Noble here in Great Falls for many years. I have always been helped in a timely fashion even at there busiest times. They have a very friendly staff with some of the best customer service. I have had lots of mechanical work done at Jerry Nobles from leveling kits and ball joints on my trucks and Alignments and brakes on my race car. Those are some of the many reasons I trust my car to get serviced at Jerry Noble Tire Factory!

Best Tire service in town. Jerry Noble is a reasonable and honest place to do business! You want great service and great product than this is the right place for you.

Really great fast service and good prices.

The best tire service in town!! The staff always goes the extra mile to give good advice, good value, and good service. I depend on their recommendations and expertise to feel safe on the road. Thanks, Leski and all the rest fo the great people at Jerry Noble.. I know I can depend on Tire Factory for great routine service, or emergency repairs. You can't put a price on peace of mind.Donna Thomas, Great Falls

I started going here many years ago and have great experiences with their service. They could be swamped and will always try to work me in. I live 50 miles away and when I have a flat or other problems it is a big deal. These guys know this and work very hard to help me out. Their warranty adjustments are more than fair and quite generous to me (the customer). Ask for Chuck or Holly and you will be treated very well. Why not a five star rating then? Price. The cost of new tires is going up every year and it bothers me greatly that everyone has to pay so much just to have safe tires to drive on Montana's demanding roads.