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Ed's has the most INCREDIBLE customer service I have EVER had hands down!! Bob was so helpful and so amazing! There is no service like them these days!! So impressed, I will never go anywhere else.

Outstanding customer service. I brought in a Tacoma to change out the stock tires for something a little more aggressive with a sever weather rating. After installing the new tires, followed by a highway run, I second guessed my decision. Ed's allowed me to try another type of tire, ended up going back to the first set. The employees were very understand and took care of everything. Ed's crew is awesome !!

Been using Ed's for company fleet and personal rigs for over ten years now, wouldn't think of going any place else, great people, great tires and good deals and service.

We bought tires for our Mercedes and the service was so amazing that I'm going back to get rims next week. Great people and amazing value. Thanks Ed's!

My husband and I were at your Medford Oregon store last Friday to buy 4 tires for our 1999 Nissan pickup. Bob and Jennifer were at the desk and helped us pick out some tires that my husband was wanting. They were both courteous and very helpful. Bob ordered them and set us up for a Monday morning installment. The tires were delivered on time and Bob saw me drive up and greeted me with a smile and said that the tires are ready. It didn't take long for the process and they called us to let us know our car was ready just as we pulled into their parking lot. Bob was right there with our truck. Amazing customer service! We highly recommend Ed's point S Tire & Auto Service for all your tire and auto service needs. Going the extra mile with a smile seems to be the way they do business with their customers. Thank you so much! Sincerely, Mr. and Mrs. Morgan

Always helpful and courteous. ATSchacht

Thank you Ed's tire for not treating my daughter and I like we don't know what the heck were talking about when it comes to our cars. We got tired of comments like "what makes you "THINK" you have an oil leak?" gee maybe the oil spots on our drive-way? ! Our vehicles we purchased from a major car dealer have life time oil changes but we felt every time we brought in a vehicle we were told something major was wrong with it, which amazed me because we bought the cars from them! We decided to take a chance at Ed's and so GLAD we did! They all treat us like family they don't belittle us,they don't try to sell us repair work we don't need, they just let us know the problem and let us decide what to do. By the way 3 times we took a vehicle to Ed's and the repairs were not major as we were told at the "other place" hmm It's been about 6 years now of continued great service for us, we trust them and are grateful!! Oh and I love the reminder texts! Thank you! Thank you! Diane Johnson

My Family has used other tire dealer's and always left feeling like we are nothing but a check but since using Ed's Tires we have felt like customers that are appreciated and wanted to return even if we are not spending for 4 tires and just getting a free service

They have always proven they stand by there work. Fair and honest.

I have NEVER found pleasure in buying tires, but it is a necessary evil if you choose to drive an automobile. The group at Ed's was great. They interviewed me about my driving habits and where my vehical was driven and made suggestions for tires. They showed me an entire range of tires from very expensive to more cost sesitive. They also told me all of the pros and cons about each tire and let me make my decision. There was no pressure. They also did some troubleshooting for me on the front-end of our car and fixed it perfectly the very first time. They showed me some issues that needed to be fixed eventually, but weren't critcal at the time. They didn't just tell me what needed to be fixed, they took the time to explain it to me and show me what was wrong with the vehical. Ed's has earned all of my future business. It was truly a great experience.