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Car problems happen, and it’s important to determine what the cause is as soon as you can. Today’s vehicles are highly technical, containing dozens of computers and sensors, and miles of wiring. You need a reliable service location that can perform accurate diagnostics prior to a repair. At Triple T Tire Point S - Covington, our team of expert mechanics can trace any issue your car has so it can be resolved quickly.

Today’s Complex Vehicles Make Diagnostics Crucial

Everywhere you look in and around your car, there are computerized systems, sensors, and communications at work. It all needs to work together flawlessly, or you’ll have a Check Engine light, running problem, or non-working feature on your car. A broken wire, an internal engine problem, a faulty sensor or switch, a corroded ground connection – you’ll need to get it fixed.

No matter how major or minor the symptom might seem, accurate and timely diagnostics will paint a clear picture of the problem your car is experiencing. There’s no guesswork – once you know and understand the fault, it can be repaired precisely and efficiently.

The Right Equipment for the Job

When you have Point S in your corner to perform your car’s diagnostics, you can trust that it will be done correctly. We have the latest computerized diagnostic equipment to service most makes and models. From OBDII and CanBUS systems to electrical diagnosis, engine running issues to transmission shifting concerns, we do it all.

A Team of Professionals

At Point S, your car’s problems are no match for our expert mechanics. With industry certification and years of experience, put your faith in our diagnostics experts for any make and model you might drive.

More importantly, we care deeply for our customers. We’ll walk you through what to expect for your visit, start to finish. Once your car’s issues have been diagnosed, you’ll receive a detailed explanation of the problem as well as a roadmap for how best to address the concerns.

Taking great care of our customers and their vehicles is what we do at Triple T Tire Point S - Covington, from tire services and routine maintenance to complete vehicle diagnostics.

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