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Landsail Trailblazer CLV2

All-Season Highway Tire for CUVs and SUVs

Purpose-built for CUVs and SUVs with multiple OE replacement offerings, the T, H, V, and W speed ratings mean comfort and control at higher speeds.

Wet Traction
Four wide long grooves force fluid away from the tire surface quickly for excellent handling in wet conditions.

High-Speed Stability
The center rib was designed to be predominantly solid with just enough grooves to increase stability in straight-line driving at higher speeds.

Stable Shoulder Design
The shoulders on the CLV2 were designed larger to increase the contact area of the tire, providing exceptional stability and cornering.

Grip-Optimized Grooves
We designed the long grooves and the Lateral Grooves to give maximum grip, control, and braking performance.

Landsail Equipped:
With fifty thousand miles of warranted reliability and speed rated for confidence, the Trailblazer is an All-Season tire built for comfort at the upper end of highway speeds for a CUV or SUV.