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Landsail LS588

H, V, W, and Y Speed-Rated, this All Season Performance tire for SUVs and CUVs is designed for performance and efficiency. Our “LS” formulated Silica Compound adds wet performance and saves fuel.

High-Performance Handling
Designed for high performance, the long grooves and lateral grooves work together to deliver traction in cornering.

Comfort and Quality
We achieve a comfortable ride by ensuring the tread pitch width and alignment are at optimum angles, minimizing road noise.

Dependable Dry Handling
A large area of tread contact with the road means optimized grip and control on hot road surfaces.

Unique “LS” Silica Compound
Our specially formulated LS Silica Compound adds performance by increasing flexibility in low temperatures and traction on wet surfaces, giving you more control. Fuel efficiency is a result of reducing rolling resistance.

Landsail Equipped:
Equipped to perform with our “LS” Silica Compound, the LS588 SUV/CUV is a High-Performance tire with the highest possible speed ratings for street tires. The LS588 is performance-ready without sacrificing comfort, ride quality, or reliability beyond the warrantied 50,000 miles.