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Landsail LS388

The LS388 is a smart Performance Touring tire designed for 50,000 miles of comfort, long-wear, and fuel efficiency.

Fuel-Saving Tread Compound
Smart and efficient, your vehicle will use less fuel. We purposefully formulated the rubber compound of the LS388 to be fuel-efficient by reducing rolling resistance.

Wet-Grip Groove Design
The four wide long grooves and precisely placed lateral grooves work together to channel water and direct it out and away from the tire.

Solid Center Rib for Stability
The center rib is purposefully designed solid to increase stability in straight-line driving at higher speeds.

Low-Tread Wear Shoulder
This tire shoulder is fully equipped with heat-resisting areas that keep the tread blocks stable, protecting them from irregular wear. This engineering also increases stability when cornering

Quiet-Ride Pitch Alignment
We designed the tread pitch width and alignment at optimum angles to suppress road- noise.

Landsail Equipped:
With fuel-saving technology in mind, we formulated a smart and efficient compound to make a difference in your vehicle's ability to use less fuel. We warranted it with 50,000 miles of reliability, so your fuel-saving dollars go the distance. Landsail delivers quality through technology.