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Landsail CLX12 Rogueblazer R/T

The Rogueblazer is a hybrid tire designed for adventure and comfort. With the precise engineering of a Mud tire and an All-Terrain tire, the Rogueblazer, is more aggressive than a typical A/T and more refined than a typical M/T.

F-Rated Capability
The F-Rated* 12-Ply construction gives higher carrying capacity and inflation pressure, so you have confidence when hauling your favorite equipment or recreation vehicles.

3-Ply Puncture Guard
The sidewalls of the Rogueblazer are equipped with three layers of polyester cord fabric and high-strength steel belts to combat sharp debris and rocks.

Ultra-Stable Shoulder
The shifting shapes of the large shoulder blocks are designed for improved handling and control through dirt, mud, sand, and snow.

Rough Conditions READY
The angled and varied, long groove and lateral groove structure is deep and designed to promote better drainage, eject stones, and improve braking and handling on rough terrain.

Choose your Sidewall
Featuring dual sidewall designs, choose between the “R” or the “T” sidewall design, both aggressive designs prevent damage and enhance grip when driving in mud or rocky conditions.

Landsail Equipped:
With Hybrid Technology, the Rogueblazer is more aggressive than a typical A/T and more refined than a typical M/T. These R/T 3-Ply sidewalls go the distance in extreme terrain and protect against punctured sidewalls. The F-Rating is the highest standard for hauling and towing. Twelve tough plys get you to where you need to be with confidence.