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Nokian eNTYRE


 The new Nokian eNTYRE was designed specifically for North America to give the driver ultimate safety, driving comfort and performance in an environmentally friendly tire. Our development team created an All-Season tire that has excellent wet grip, a smooth and quiet ride, long tread life, great handling and good winter grip when compared to other premium All-Season tires. The Nokian eNTYRE, like its name denotes, has all the newest safety and green technologies combined in one tire making it the “entire” package for All-Season customers.

Where Safety Begins

At Nokian Tyres, we are very serious about offering the safest possible tires. The new Nokian eNTYRE features many of our newest safety innovations. The eNTYRE features; Silica compounds for improved wet grip, Cooling Edge technology which provides better cooling to the hottest part of the tire improving both handling and durability, 3D Sipes for improved handling on dry roads and even tire wear, Silent Groove Design significantly reduces road noise, Polished Grooves help expel water and snow from the tire’s surface.

Naturally Nokian Tyres

Nokian Tyres is the world’s first tire manufacturer to introduce a production method using earth friendly oils. The eNTYRE is manufactured using only low aromatic, purified oils. These purified oils keep Nokian’s tires from polluting the environment as the tire gradually wears down. The eNTYRE’s advanced compounds also reduce rolling resistance and thus improve your car’s fuel efficiency. Low rolling resistance not only saves you money at the gas pump but it also reduces your carbon footprint by lowering your CO2 emissions.


  • Excellent wet grip and stability
  • Cooling edge
  • 3D sipes
  • Hyrdoplaning indicator
  • Polished grooves
  • Purified oils
  • Low rolling resistance